The Best Islands In The Adriatic?

48 Hours in Korcula Town and Hvar – Croatia!

Thank you so much for visiting my 4th ever Travel Blog post! If you want to re-visit this post at any time it can be found under the “Croatia” tab and then click “Korcula” or “Hvar”. My goal with this travel blog is not only to inspire but also help with TRULY helpful information for navigating a foreign place once you are there. The things I aim to cover will be generally the same in each blog, but will expand over time:

  • Which Airport To Fly Into / Out Of (or in this case, which Ferry to use)
  • Navigating The Ports / Ground Transportation
  • Travel Time To Destination
  • Things To Do
  • Adventures – Maps Included!
  • Places To Eat
  • More! You tell me what you want to hear!

Note: This Croatian islands blog will need to be updated as we BARELY scratched the surface! This post should be used as inspiration to visit the Islands of Croatia even if you only have a few hours, or in our case less than 48 hours.

Getting There: The Croatian ferries are large, & high-speed. After taking many other ferries around the world, we were pleasantly surprised by how spacious, clean, and comfortable the Catamarans are. Please note, we traveled in the early days of October 2019 which is considered their “shoulder” to “low” season. Please comment below if you had a less comfortable or more crowded experience on board these ferries!

Ferry Companies / Schedules: Depending on the time of year, there can be several ferry companies operating between Dubrovnik – Korcula – Hvar – Split. As we were there in early October we only had a 1-2 options for ferry times. We mostly traveled with Jadrolinija & Kapetan Luka. I highly recommend planning your ferries ahead of time. The only available ferry between Korcula and Hvar on Oct 4th was at 6:00AM.

Finding Your Ferry: We found that each time we approached the ferry dock we had to show someone our ticket, and be directed to the correct ferry. Everyone was very helpful and nice.

Weather : If there are storms in the area, the Ferry may switch docks to avoid the more rough waters. We lucked out and heard from our AirBnb hostess that they sometimes switch docks in the storm. We arrived at one dock and departed from a dock on the other side of Korcula. The ferry companies did not tell us this. If we hadn’t had a thoughtful and considerate hostess we would have been frantically running to a different dock with our bags at 5:55AM.

Considering that the entire layout of the little Old Town of Korcula was arranged in a Fish Bone pattern to somehow deflect the wind around the perimeter of the town, I am assuming that it is stormy/windy here more often than they let on.

48 Hour Itinerary:

We only had the pleasure of visiting Korcula town. Even in one of the most intense storms of the year (and having to hunker down in a cafe with wine for most of the day) we still had a very enjoyable experience.

Depart Dubrovnik on the 4PM ferry. You will want to take an Uber to the ferry dock as it is is a couple KM walk uphill with luggage. If you arrive early pop into DBC -Dubrovnik Beer Company for a pre-trip drink.

We arrived in Korcula Town at 6:00PM on 10/2:

  • Checked into our AirBnb
  • Dinner: Charcuterie & Local Wine at Bokar Wine Bar
  • Drinks: More wine on top of Kula Zakerjan (looks like an old castle turret) at bar Massimo
Star – our Air Bnb
Purple – Arrival Ferry Dock
Blue – Departure Ferry Dock (used when there are high winds)
Red- A nice hike/walk!

Korcula Town 10/3:

  • Breakfast: at Bakery – Best Borek recommended to us by our hostess
  • Walk The Old Town
  • Climb the Tower – AMAZING views – the weather really started to roll in while we were up there!
  • Hike: See Red Line above with amazing views of Korcula Town
  • Caught in a Rain Storm – we hunkered down in two places Cafe Bar STEP and Marco’s Fine Mediterranean Food – the second one significantly better than the first… which makes sense since the first is a cafe. Ideally we would have skipped the cafe.

Ferry to Hvar 10/4 @ 6:00AM:

To be honest, stay here for more than 4 hours! Would I go back in time and not do this walk? NO! We loved it. The views were incredible, breakfast was tasty, the beach was relaxing!
  • As I mentioned, our Ferry left from the opposite dock due to high winds, so make note of the weather or ask someone local.
  • Arrive in Hvar at 8:00AM.
  • Breakfast at El Clasico Caffe Bar – I enjoyed this because they had bacon and eggs!
  • Hike Up to the Spanish Fortress – Tvrđava Fortica: We were able to walk up with our bags in no -time . The old town, views, and path is SO pretty that you won’t even realize how much you’re carrying!
  • Hike Back down to the main Square and marvel at Cathedral St. Stephen
  • Hike Up and Over to Pokonji Dol beach!
  • Walk back around to the Ferry Dock by 12:00PM

Ferry to Split 10/4 @ 12:00PM – Arrival 1:00PM.

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