My Favorite Thing About Travel

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💁🏻‍♀️My all-time favorite thing that I miss when not traveling probably is a bit unexpected … ⁣

✨Most would miss the sights, sounds, new places, beaches, food, activities, new cultures, new friends, new life lessons … ⁣

BUT what I miss more than anything is getting up and out of our room every single morning and immediately WALKING!! Walking hundreds if not thousands of steps en route to espresso ☕️, breakfast …. I love the feeling of being pulled to walk and explore all day long each day – I love when we’ve walked miles and miles without even realizing it! ⁣

(I in fact LOATHE car travel most of the time) ⁣

Typical mornings in Colorado involve traveling by car or working from home — lots of climbing and hiking and biking but also lots of driving to GET to the trailheads. ⁣

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