The Best (Un-expected) State To See Amazing Wildlife

🚲 Do you love #wildlife? ⁣⁣
Then a visit to South Carolina may be for you! Yes, you heard that right. I know, it doesn’t seem like the most biodiverse place at first glance – however the outer banks of South Carolina – like Charleston, Kiawah, Seabrook, and John’s Islands have a lot to offer in the way of very cool (AND UNIQUE) animals — it’s not random that #thenotebook was filmed here:⁣⁣
•Alligators 🐊 ⁣⁣
•Dolphins 🐬 ⁣⁣
•Egrets / Herons / Cranes ⁣⁣
•Albino / Pie Bald Deer ⁣⁣
these are all white or spotted white there are thought to be one of these for every 5000 regular deer ⁣very 🦄-esque ⁣
• Cormorants ⁣⁣
these pre-historic looking seabirds have less oil in their wings than most sea birds allowing them the ability to dive deeper and more easily stay under the water, they also need extra time to dry out. They do this by standing on the land with their full 5 foot wing span spread wide open. Often times they stand in groups and look like little soldiers standing at attention. ⁣⁣
• Horseshoe Crabs 😳⁣
Even more pre-historic looking because they ARE … you can often see these washed up on the beaches

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